The Next Presidential Limo Will Keep Hillary Safe


Just admit it, Hillary. We all know you want the top job.

Every few years, the US Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security decides to call time on the current presidential limo. The current vehicle is nicknamed "The Beast," because, well, it sort of is one. It weighs well over 10,000 lbs. due to all of that heavy protective armor, which is said to be five inches thick. The thing is bullet-proof and can withstand a missile attack. In order to help guarantee a quick getaway, it also has run-flat tires.


It even has the ability to protect its occupants against chemical weapons. There are also oxygen tanks and a cache of the president's blood type on hand. Just in case. And with a new president (just admit, Hillary, we all know you want the job) set to be sworn into office in 2017 comes a new limo.The DHS plans to award the contract for the next-gen presidential limo sometime in August. GM has supplied the last few presidential limos, but other manufactures, such as Ford and Chrysler, are also said to be in the running. Regardless of who makes it, the most badass feature is having the limo surrounded by people willing to take a bullet for the top dog, but that's less about the car, more about being the head mofo in charge.

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