The Nismo GT-R Smart Watch is as Cool as the Car

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Nissan wants to show that they can do consumer tech as good as anybody.

We are not sure how many of you out there follow tech trends but one thing most gearheads can agree on is that no drive is complete without some gears to go along the wrist. In an effort to tap into the latest craze in the tech world known as wearable computing, Nissan is going in the EV direction for it's stylish time piece counterpart to Nissan performance cars: The Nismo GT-R smartwatch. The ultra designed watch concept will come in red, black or white if it gets the go ahead for production.

Several companies from Sony, Nike and even quite recently Samsung, have released what amount to wearable computers that add functionality to a smartphone. Nissan believes they can do a lot better than that and in addition to creating a watch that is simply beautiful to look at, it can do a lot of cool stuff too. Especially if you own a GT-R. Monitoring speed, fuel, and heart rate are all on the bill. In addition, the watch can provide you with twitter updates, road conditions, maintenance updates and outside temperature. It will tell you what city you are in (Lord help you if you need that) and oh yeah, it will also tell you the time.

Most car guys would probably go for the standard men's chronograph and to us this looks a bit girly, but there has to be something to be said for the added functionality of connecting to your car. That is, if it actually works as good as it does in the demo video.

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