The Nissan 370Z is the Poorer Man's Cayman

Presenting a somewhat different take on the current Z car.

As the spiritual successor to the classic Datsun 240Z, the Nissan 370Z is still quite a solid bargain for a sports car. Considering it’s faster in a straight line than the base model Porsche Cayman says something, but there’s still something, well, a bit off. Sure, it packs a 3.7-liter V6 under the hood that produces 332 horsepower, and it’s got a synchronized down shift rev-matching system, a world first for a six-speed manual gearbox.

It certainly looks good on paper, but the current Z car just doesn’t have the same appeal as its predecessor, the 350Z. Why exactly? Hard to say, but the always wacky Regular Car Reviews has now posted its take on the latest Z car. Perhaps these guys can properly define the 370Z. Then again, perhaps not.

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