The Nissan 370Z Replacement is Shaping Up To Be a Hybrid Convertible in Europe and Japan

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And it may be simply be called the "Z."

There's been increasing chatter going on lately regarding the upcoming Nissan 370Z replacement, which will likely simply be called Z. Only last week did we hear that the next Z-car could end up being powered by a V6 for the US market. For all markets, Nissan wants it to be smaller, lighter and cheaper than the 370Z. Overseas, namely Europe and Japan, a V6 isn't a realistic choice due to differences in customer tastes as well as emissions regulations. So what will the Euro-Japan Z-car have under its hood?


A new report coming from Australian website Motoring is claiming Mercedes-Benz will supply a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to Nissan, who will then pair it up with an electric hybrid system. What's more, Nissan will initially debut the Z as a convertible only, with a coupe to follow at some point. Mercedes may also end up as the supplier for the US-spec engine, a 3.0-liter V6. No word yet whether Nissan plans to offer that hybrid powertrain in the US, but a company source stated that the US market "demands competitively priced convertibles with loads of street cred." That's what Nissan's customer survey data is telling them, but nothing is for sure just yet and plans can change.

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