The Nissan Kicks Is Now A Pickup?

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It's actually pretty cool.

The Nissan Kicks was a gamechanger for the brand in 2019and with new styling making it look better than ever, the latest model may be just as effective at winning the hearts of buyers. Naturally, it takes more than just good looks to keep a vehicle popular, and Nissan has promised to turbocharge the crossover. But what if the Kicks were to be converted into a midsize pickup like the Ford Ranger? According to graphic artist Kleber Silva's interpretation, it wouldn't look half bad at all, although it would certainly look less rugged than something like the Nissan Navara.

Kleber Silva
Frontal Aspect Nissan

Silva is quite a prolific designer who seems to have mastered the art of reimagining everyday cars as they may be if they occupied other segments. Recently, he designed an electric version of the controversial new BMW 4 Series. Other, more extreme designs have included a Hellcat hot hatch, a Tesla Model 3 wagon, and even a modern Magnum. All of these renders have come out looking as clean as you'd expect if they were to have been penned by the original designers themselves and the Kicks pickup is no different. It appears that Silva has used just one of the press photos for the angles of his two renders, but he's done a sterling job with what he's got.

Kleber Silva

We quite like the way the C-pillar's upturned sharkfin is retained for the small truck, but we imagine a case could be made for the addition of side-steps. Nevertheless, as with Mazda's new BT-50, pickups are taking a lot of design influence from SUVs, and we wouldn't be all that surprised if future trucks designed by the OEMs continue with this trend. Still, the rear looks a little odd without vertical taillights as are common on pickups, but what do you think? Is it a good idea, or should this design be consigned to the scrapheap on the cutting room floor?

Front Angle View Nissan
Front-End View Nissan
Front View Driving Nissan
Source Credits: Kleber Silva

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Frontal Aspect
Front Angle View
Front View Driving

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