The Number One YouTuber In The World Clearly Hates Cars


PewDiePie makes fun of car YouTubers, and he might actually be right.

If you've never heard of YouTuber PewDiePie then know that he's the number one YouTuber in the world with over 44 million subscribers! How big is that? Well, Taylor Swift doesn't even have 20 million and Top Gear can't even manage 5 million. Clearly PewDiePie is a successful YouTuber, but how does he feel about cars? As it turns out, he might not be the biggest fan of bragging about cars on YouTube.

PewDiePie has decided to make fun of people that jump on YouTube to brag about their new ride. He has created a comedy video where he shows you his amazing Nissan Micra with a "V4 engine", "extra clutches to go fast", and the faulty power windows that ladies love.

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