The Nurburgring Is Going To Let The Public Decide If It Needs Speed Limits

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Well, to an extent.

With each passing day the safety saga at the Nurburgring gets stranger and stranger. This year alone has seen the implementation and strict enforcement of speed limits on certain parts of the circuit after a spectator death in March. A few weeks ago the track banned automakers from timed laps. Now there are rumors that a mea culpa is being issued to car companies (tourists still need to obey the signs). The latest development in this saga comes straight from the Ring itself.

The folks behind the track want to know what fans think regarding possible safety measures and have issued a public opinion survey to find out. It's short and mostly filled with questions about making things safer, from adding chicanes to more fencing. The survey was posted on the Nurburgring's Facebook page and is offered in both German and English. It may seem like an odd move but now that the racetrack is privately held, public opinion (aka cash) really matters. Take the survey and let us know what you deem sensible in the comments.

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