The Nurburgring's Speed Limits Are Officially Gone: Somebody Tell Koenigsegg

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Let the lap record attempts begin anew!

One of the biggest automotive stories last summer was the speed limits put in place at the famed Nurburgring. The speed limits came in response to a tragic racing accident that killed a spectator. Despite this tragedy and the new focus on safety, many felt that the speed limits at a race track were odd. If you can't go fast at a place like the Nurburgring then where the hell can you go fast? Needless to say there was pushback, with automakers griping that it ruined top lap time attempts.

The people who run the Nurburgring decided to scrap the speed limits in favor of new safety measures. Those were detailed in the winter and now the track is ready for cars and supercars alike to run on it at full-bore. The first VLN race of the season is April 2 and teams competing won't have to worry about slowing down for certain sections. This news is great for racing teams and casual track rats but it is much more important for automakers, especially supercar companies like Koenigsegg. If you'll remember the automaker's record run attempt was thwarted last year due to the speed limits. Summer is coming quickly which means we should see a host of record attempts at The Green Hell take place.

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