The O.J. Simpson Ford Bronco Has Been Found After 20 Years


As for O.J? He's in the slammer for armed robbery and kidnapping.

It was on June 17, 1994 when O.J. Simpson decided against turning himself in for the charge of killing his ex-wife, Nichole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman. Instead, he opted to make a run for it in the back of his longtime friend Al Cowling’s 1993 Ford Bronco. With Cowlings at the wheel, it wasn’t long before the authorities caught up to them and thus began one of the most famous police chases in history. Eventually, more than 20 police cars joined the chase before Simpson was ultimately taken into custody.

We all know where things went from there. Today, Simpson is behind bars for armed robbery and kidnapping (a whole other debacle). But whatever happened to that now infamous white Bronco?

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Turns out Simpson’s agent, Mike Gilbert, bought it as an investment and has kept it in perfect condition in a Central California garage for 20 years. He’s only put 20 miles on it over the years. Although Gilbert has been offered as much as $300,000 for it, he’s planning instead to donate it to a museum.