The Official Name For The Next Fast And Furious Movie Is Kind Of Dumb


A teaser trailer revealing the eighth film's title has just been released.

Up until now we assumed that the next Fast and Furious movie would be called “Fast 8.” It turns out we were wrong, so very wrong. It was just revealed that “The Fate of the Furious” will be the name of the eighth installment in the automotive action franchise. The news was dropped at the end of a 15-second teaser trailer. The full trailer will debut Sunday, December 11th. Unlike the last teaser trailer dropped a few days ago, this short clip includes actual scenes from the upcoming movie.

The scenes shown include a drag race in Cuba and what looks to be an epic chase in Iceland involving snowmobiles, big guns and, of course, a massive explosion.

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There’s obviously not a lot to dig into given that the teaser is so short. What we can infer is that the movie’s requisite drag racing scene will go down in Cuba and that the Iceland set piece will be absolutely incredible. What we’re curious to see is how the director F. Gary Gray handles the massive cast he has to work with. The series regulars are joined by newcomers Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron and Scott Eastwood. Don’t forget that Jason Statham will also be returning. The big question we have is will there be enough cars for everyone to drive?