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The Official Photos Sucked, So Here's a Video Tour of the New MX-5


It's the video that Mazda should have produced but didn't.

We can't be alone in thinking the official photos released by Mazda of the new 2016 MX-5 Miata kind of sucked. The background was either too dark or too white. Not to mention, there weren’t enough detailed close-ups. Really, Mazda should and could have done better considering just how important the MX-5 is to its overall "Zoom-Zoom" branding. So we’ve had to rely on images from other publications for better views. And now, thanks to YouCar, there’s this new video tour of the MX-5.

Detailing the car inside and out, it’s basically what Mazda should have given us in the first place. Like the day of the premiere. Anyway, enjoy the video and continue to let us know if you feel this design is a winner, loser, or somewhere in between.

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