The Oldest Known Batmobile is Now For Sale

Imagine the Caped Crusader driving this.

The Tumbler it is not. Not even close. Nor does it have any resemblance to the Tim Burton Batmobile. Ben Affleck's upcoming ride? Again, no. But we still dig it, nonetheless. What you’re looking at is the earliest known officially licensed Batmobile that was built back in 1963. That’s three years before Adam West’s now iconic 1966 TV series Batmobile. Built on a 1956 Oldsmobile 88 frame and powered by a 234 Rocket engine, it was crafted by a then 23-year-old Batman fan named Forrest Robinson.

Along with a friend, Len Perham, the two swapped the original body for something more Batman-like. A total of three years was spent on the project. Robinson even drove his Batmobile regularly until the '66 series came out, but later leased the car out for promotional purposes. At that time, this Batmobile was repainted black (it was originally silver) and given all the necessary Batman symbols. It toured around the US until '66 before it was returned to Robinson, who then sold it for $200. It then sat idle for the next 50 years. Discovered in 2008 and quickly restored to its original glory, it’s now up for sale again with a minimum bid of $90,000.

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