The One Millionth Nissan Juke Was Just Built And Nissan Is Celebrating

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Time to get your "Juke on?"

Nissan has just announced the one millionth Juke has been built at its Sunderland production plant in the UK. The first Juke rolled off this very assembly line eight years ago and today a new one is built every 105 seconds. The one millionth Juke is a top-spec Tekna grade in Vivid Blue. "Eight years ago we had never seen anything like the Juke before – it created an entirely new segment and brought a distinctive never-seen-before look to the market. Fast forward to today and we have one million customers and Juke remains the segment leader."


This one millionth figure includes the Juke Nismo, which was also built at Sunderland. Nissan revealed that black is the most common color choice for European buyers and is also the first choice of vehicles for personalized interiors and exteriors. The automaker adds there's more than 23,000 different versions of the Juke available. Last year, a total of 95,000 examples were sold in Europe, which is pretty impressive considering there's a literally endless list of other small crossover alternatives. Then again, the Juke is the one that really kickstarted this whole crossover craze. Nissan took a chance with its styling at the time and it's paid off big time. In the US, a total of 10,157 examples were sold in 2017.

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The Juke is being replaced by the all-new Kicks right now in America. However, sales and production will continue in various overseas markets, such as Europe. Turns out the Juke is not the only Nissan model to hit that coveted one million mark. The overseas-only Qashquai small crossover has been built at Sunderland since 2006 and more than three million examples have since been produced.

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