The Only BMW M3 30 Year American Edition Is Now For Sale

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But you'll have to pay twice as much as a normal M3.

At last year's SEMA show, BMW brought out a special M3 to celebrate the car's 30th anniversary in the United States. Only one example was built with an enormous MSRP of $128,635 plus $995 in destination fees. We figured the price was more or less symbolic, because a one-off BMW like this would easily sell for a premium if it did ever hit the open market. It turns out we were wrong; the car is currently for sale at Century West BMW in California for a relatively fair price of $130,110.

Over $130,000 may seem like a ton to spend on an M3, given the base car has a starting price of around $66,000. To be frank, we are surprised to see the M3 30 Year America Edition sell without any dealer markup. This is the only one of its kind in the world, so this is a rare opportunity to buy it at a fair price. The 30 Year America Edition may not be to everyone's tastes, but it is truly unique among other M3 models. The car is painted in Frozen Red II, which is meant to harken back to the E30 M3's Henna Red color. The interior combines red, white, and blue leather for a patriotic combination. It may be a bit garish, but at least it's unique.

This car started off in life as an M3 Competition with a six-speed manual, and was given unique touches you won't find on any other M3, including one-off, staggered M Performance wheels and a carbon fiber wing. New Century West specializes in building uniquely colored BMWs, so it is no surprise to see the dealer have something unique as this car in its showroom.

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