The Only Supercar Video You Ever Need to See

So many supercar fantasies all in one place.

For quite a few enthusiasts, this will be pretty close to the video they’ve dreamed of seeing for years. It opens with a Ferrari F50 being joined by a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc pulling away from the curb in New York City (we’re not entirely sure of that one, by all means chime in if you know it to be somewhere else). The rest of the video is shot from the Bug’s passenger seat and is of a series of amazing supercars chasing each other through the city.

The whole thing is fairly amazing. Sensing his video is about to get ruined, the passenger filming from the Bugatti asks the driver to turn off the music. Good move. We don’t really understand why cars with engines that sound this amazing are even sold with radios at all, but so it goes.

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