The Only Way To Enjoy The Scion FR-S Is With A 450-HP Tune

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The stock FR-S simply isn't powerful enough. Here's how you fix that.

At a time where the tuner, best characterized by the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, has been pushed to the margins of the automotive world, cars like the Toyota GT86 stand as the small collection of modern cars begging for an upgrade. Right out of the box, this Scion FR-S (aka the Toyota GT86 aka the Subaru BRZ) is a wonderfully fun car to drive, offering the best handling dynamics of a front-engine rear-wheel drive sports coupe except for one thing: an impressive engine.

In fact, this 2.0-liter power plant's only claim to fame is the fact it's arranged in a rare boxer-four orientation, offering few benefits outside of its low center of gravity. Even with the FR-S weighing in around 2,760 to 2,809 pounds, the 200 horsepower on tap leaves a bit to be desired.

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But owners like this know just the remedy. With a turbocharging kit pushing more air into the engine, it can better exploit the small displacement it has work with in order to make 450 horsepower. That's much more like it, especially when you listen to this thing spool up. With the FR-S featuring a "sound creator" tube that helps pipe engine noise into the cabin, the hiss of the turbos becomes an amplified experience that perfectly coincides with the freakish horsepower expelled through the rear wheels.

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