The Original Mini is a Bad Ass Little Thing

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One man has made his life's passion into a garage that specializes in restoring and customizing original Minis.

It was in production for decades and although at first it was made to be an economy car, the original Mini quickly became much more than that. British speed freaks soon realized that by adding more power, the little Mini could really do some damage on the race track. On top of that, they could handle like no other. Some 54 years after the little box had its debut, Graham Reid is still following his life's passion: fixing and restoring old Minis.

With a special fondness for the Mini Cooper S from the mid-Sixties, Reid also notes that one can power an old Mini with a modern Honda VTEC engine. He's also the owner of the Heritage Garage, the West Coast's premiere place for all things Mini. Call this guy when you want an original Mini with over 200 hp.

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