The Original Porsche 718 Could Very Well Be Automotive Perfection

And then there's its engine sound.

It’s powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with only 170 hp. Built from 1957 until 1962, the original Porsche 718 not only predated the iconic 911 but also had a superior mid-engine setup, as opposed to being butt-engined. But the 718’s true racing brilliance was also the result of its superior engine build quality, its light weight, and solid handling abilities. For former Porsche works driver Derek Bell, one of his personal regrets was missing out on the chance to drive and race the 718, which won the iconic Targa Florio endurance race back in 1960.

And now he’s finally having his chance behind the wheel of that little Porsche, at the Targa Florio itself. The guys over at Petrolicious were on hand to document Bell’s experience and, well, we can’t stop listening to that engine sound.

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