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The Original Toyota 4Runner is Still Better than Today's 4Runner

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Because nothing beats the original.

Let's just acknowledge that SUVs today are quite different than what they were 25 years ago. Back then, nobody really gave a crap about fuel economy, knee airbags, or leather seating. People who bought SUVs wanted them for their off-road and towing capabilities. But they soon became a fashion statement and automakers responded in kind. Very quickly more convenience features were added and those once Spartan interiors gave way to near luxury.

The original Toyota 4Runner, however, has become something of a legend in the off-road enthusiast community. It was a SUV simple in design, and also insanely reliable. Just check out the guys at Regular Car Reviews, who got behind the wheel of a heavily modified 1986 4Runner. This may just be one of the coolest pure off-road vehicles we've seen.

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