The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has a 300-HP V8

My bologna has a first name...

There are certain things that are distinctively American, and Oscar Mayer is definitely one of them. We’ve all heard the famous tagline in the commercials and have probably even seen the Wienermobile itself in person at some point or another. Oscar Mayer has been in the business of making bologna, hot dogs, and other assorted pork products for more than 125 years, but it was in 1936 when the Mayer brothers built the first Wienermobile.

Amazingly enough, the latest high-tech (somewhat) Wienermobile is still rolling around doing what it always did: handing out Wiener Whistles to kids. And now the Wienermobile is powered by a GMC-built 6-liter V8 with around 300 horsepower. It even has a custom-built chassis and a fiberglass shell. It even has a surprisingly good turning radius.

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