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The Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Is A Present For Mr. Pagani Himself

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The final Zonda?

If there's any place other than Geneva for Pagani reveals, it's Pebble Beach. The Italian supercar company has released official photos and details of its latest creation, the Zonda HP Barchetta. Yes, they're still making Zondas on occasion, but this really could be the last. Horacio Pagani and his devoted team built the Zonda HP Barchetta as a tailor-made present to Mr. Pagani himself, likely in celebration of his 60th birthday as well as the 18th anniversary of the Zonda.

Like with all Paganis, this one combines handcraftsmanship and state-of-the-art build techniques. Pagani has evolved the Zonda over the years and has literally combined that knowledge all into one. The original design has been reinterpreted with the latest technologies, and was tailor-made for Mr. Pagani by the Uno-di-Uno division. Power, once again, comes courtesy of a naturally aspirated V12 built exclusively for Pagani by Mercedes-AMG. And yes, there's a six-speed manual transmission. Pagani's own Carbon-Titanium compound, most recently used in the Huayra BC and Huayra Roadster, has also been utilized in body components to cut back even further on weight which, thereby, improves performance.

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Stopping is handled by carbon ceramic Brembo brakes. The exterior is distinguished by a cropped windshield, and contrasting wheels (note: the left are silver, the right are blue). The interior features the Huayra BC's seats, only this time they're covered in ivory leather with tartan trim, while the steering wheel is trimmed in blue leather and wood, the latter being a tribute to classic motorsports. Production, believe it or not, is limited to just three examples, and no pricing was announced. It's fair to assume this is the final Zonda.