The Pagani Zonda Is Back From The Dead Yet Again

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Will this stubborn supercar ever die gracefully?

The legendary Pagani Zonda spawned several special editions, from the striking Zonda BC, to the ultra-rare Tricolore. Production was originally supposed to end in 2011 to make way for the Zonda's successor, the Huayra. Six years later, the Zonda is back from the dead yet again with another one-off, despite the Huayra being in production since 2012. Dubbed the Fantasma Evo, this Zonda originally rolled off the production line back in 2005 as a Zonda F with a Metallic Orange body.

In 2012, it was involved in a crash but thankfully the driver escaped unscathed and the car wasn't written off. The car was subsequently rebuilt and upgraded to Zonda 760 specifications with an exposed carbon fiber body and parts taken from the Zonda Cinque and R. The Frankenstein creation was dubbed the "760 SH" named after the driver's initials. Fittingly, however, Pagani later renamed it to the "Fantasma," which is Italian for "ghost." Now it's been sent back to the factory for yet another rebuild to make it even more hardcore – thus, the Fantasma Evo was born. Replacing the original sequential transmission is an old-school manual, while the bodywork is coated with extra carbon fiber to make it even lighter.

Powering the Fantasma Evo is a naturally aspirated 7.3-liter AMG engine that produces 760 horsepower – the same unit found in the Zonda 760. This is hardly the first time Pagani has resurrected the Zonda. Originally, the Italian supercar was supposed to bow out in 2013 with the track-only track-only Revolucion, but fans with deep pockets keep bringing it back from the dead by commissioning one-off cars from Pagani. 2014 saw the reveal of the one-off Zonda 760 LM. Then there was the Zonda ZoZo in 2015, which was followed by the Zonda LM last year. Will this stubborn supercar ever die gracefully?

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