The Pagani Zonda May Not Be So Dead After All


With enough money you can get anyone to do an encore.

The Pagani Zonda is a car that represents everything that gearheads love about automobiles. It's loud, fast, has an attitude, and is chok-full of Italian passion. It looks like a DaVinci contraption came to life and decided to race the world. As far as we're concerned, the Zonda should never die out. As a whole, the automotive community keeps calling for more encores while enthusiasts with serious cash continue to burn money to keep the dream alive. That's what has led us to the latest Zonda to come from Horacio Pagani's Modena, Italy, factory.

The Zonda was killed off in 2011, but Pagani doesn't exactly like to play by the rules. So it continues to make one-off Zondas for customers with enough money to buy Horacio Pagani's good graces. Based off of the 760-horsepower Zonda 760, this model is dubbed the Zonda MD. Supposedly those letters relate to the lucky owner's initials and not the fact that said owner is a doctor. The exterior is subdued a bit from the generally flashy 760s that roam the streets since it lacks the rear fender air scoops as well as a central fin. Either way, we're pretty sure that the owner will not be cruising through town unnoticed. Highlighting Pagani's master over the craft of carbon fiber is an exposed weave with an ink blue tint painted on.

Inside, anodized aluminum clashes with brown leather and beige Alcantara seats. The buyer also seems to be a real driver since the choice was made to have a manual transmission mated to the handbuilt 7.3-liter V12 AMG engine, which makes arguably one of the best engine notes to date. Supposedly, work on the car began a year ago when it was spotted by Prototype0 during a tour of the Pagani factory. The construction photos we see here were taken at that time and look nothing like the finished product. The completed car looks just as sinister as any Zonda 760, especially with its massive carbon fiber rear wing. Now the Zonda MD is completed and we can only hope to see it on the road soon. Photos by Prototype0.

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