The Paint Job On This Modified Tesla Model S Costs $40,000

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At least your Tesla Model S will always look pristine with this expensive paint job.

Tuning house Zero to 60 has tried to distract us from the Model 3's well-publicized production issues with this stunning custom Model S P100D. Dubbed the Zero TS, the modified Model S has been given a sporty makeover with a beautiful body kit finished in a $40,000 PPG paint job with a new Solar Gard film that protects the EV from dents and scratches. It also reduces UV rays to prevent the paint from fading, so your Model S will always look completely pristine.

Compared to other aftermarket cars that were at the show wearing outlandish widebody kits, the Zero TS is sleek and subtle yet still captures your attention. Zero to 60 says the body kit gives the Model S a "performance look." New, more aggressive front and rear bumpers have been fitted, featuring carbon fiber accents that give the car a sleeker and more curvaceous look. Chrome parts have been replaced with carbon fiber accents. The Zero TS also features HRE wheels wrapped in Nexen tires and upgraded Brembo brakes. Inside, the custom cabin has been furnished in red European leather with diamond stitching covering almost every surface.

The seats don't appear to have been changed, apart from the headrests which have been stitched with Zero to 60 Design's logo. Zero says that the interior is protected by Solar Gard's LX Series window film, which is the world's most heat-rejecting film blocking up to 65 percent of solar heat. If you want to spice up your Model S with the Zero TS kit, the tuning company says it will be going on sale shortly. If you don't care about the fancy paint finish, the upgrade kit will set you back just $6,500.

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