The Phoenix Roadster is a Car as Biodegradable as You Are

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In the hope for a greener world, the Phoenix Roadster could be the harbinger of biodegradeable things to come.

Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albercht Birkner have teamed up to create a concept car made out of one of the more simple materials out there: bamboo. The Phoenix Roadster is a woven concept car consisting primarily of bamboo and featuring rattan, nylon and steel in its build. The car is primarily biodegradable and is extremely cheap to produce and easy to refurbish.

Cobonpue described the project as the "future of green vehicles using woven skins from organic fibers mated to composite materials and powered by green technology." The idea uses the fast-growing, strong and rigid tree material to create a leaf-like design that can be produced locally and last for five years. That is roughly the same amount of time researchers say the average person keeps their car before replacing it. Problems are still affluent in their car in terms of safety and powertrain. It looks great and is an interesting proposition, however getting nudged in the side or hit in a collision could be a horrendous proposition.

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