The Pininfarina Tesla Fighter Will (Supposedly) Arrive By 2020


Designed in Italy. Built in China. Will be sold in the US.

Earlier this month at Geneva, Pininfarina and Chinese startup Hybrid Kinetic Group revealed the sexy as all hell H600 luxury hybrid sedan concept. According to Automotive News, we now know it'll go on sale in the US by the end of the decade. The concept itself is "85 to 90 percent" of how the production version will look, placing it directly against the Tesla Model S. We already know the production-ready H600 will have a power output of 804 hp, thanks to a battery pack that's capable of being recharged by a microturbine range extender.

Also interesting is the fact that this is HK's second attempt to build a production vehicle, the first began back in 2009 in, of all places, Alabama. That first try didn't work out, so instead of Alabama, the H600 will be built in China. Go figure. There will be, however, a trial production run at Pininfarina's Italian plant to iron out all of the snags. The eventual goal is to build some 200,000 vehicles annually within five to ten years. What's more, Hybrid Kinetic Group is planning to debut two additional cars next month in Shanghai, although we don't know anything about them just yet. More than likely, they'll either be hybrids or EVs. Perhaps both.

Although we've seen other Chinese-owned automakers make big promises that eventually fall flat, Hybrid Kinetic boss Yung Benjamin Yeung, already a billionaire, believes he and his company have learned from past mistakes, and have a better business plan this time around. It'd better be, because not only is the Model S an H600 competitor, but HK is also targeting Mercedes buyers. That alone is an insanely difficult goal.

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