The Pocket Classic is the Ultimate Toy Car

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For when you outgrow a Power Wheels - and no, it's not street legal.

Some of us just weren't lucky enough to have had a Power Wheels as a kid. They weren't exactly the cheapest toy to have, and many parents felt that a regular bike for their offspring was more than suitable. That and Hot Wheels. But for those of us who still crave that Power Wheel as an adult, Pocket Classics has just the thing for you. This fiberglass-bodied AC Cobra toy replica not only looks amazingly like the real deal, but it works nearly like a real car.

It's powered by a 4 stroke air-cooled gasoline engine that's mated to a three-speed semi-automatic gearbox. Top speed is 46 mph. Not a fan of the Cobra? No problem, other mini car options include the Ferrari California, Aston Martin DB5 and the Jaguar XK120.

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