The Polestar 1 Coupe Could Cost $177,000 To Own Outright


Looks like you won't have to buy a Polestar with a subscription model after all.

This week, Polestar lifted the wraps off its first performance car following its departure from Volvo as a performance division, aiming a punch squarely at Mercedes-AMG and BMW M. It's been very well received so far, packing a 600-horsepower hybrid powertrain that shows Polestar's potential as a standalone brand. It's hard not to swoon over the Polestar 1's photogenic body inspired by the curvaceous Volvo Coupe Concept, but the company's subscription model is dividing opinions.


This isn't a car you would own outright: the idea is that you would trade it in after two or three years for a new model once your contract ends. Rather than buying the car outright, Polestar is offering its cars with a single "all-inclusive, no deposit, flat monthly payment" covering pick-up, delivery, insurance and servicing at selected Volvo dealerships. After a fixed term of two or three years, the car will then be returned to Polestar for refurbishment, before being made available for customers to buy on another "pre-owned" subscription term. Trawling through the lengthy press release, there's so much emphasis on the subscription model you'd think this is the only way you can buy a Polestar.

Purchases can be made online or at designated Polestar Space dealers, but there's no mention of alternative payment options. It all sounds simple and hassle-free, but what if you want to buy the car outright and not have to return it after a few years? According to Autoblog, Polestar has clarified the situation, confirming that its subscription model won't be the only option after all. That information (that you cannot buy a Polestar 1) is incorrect - if you would rather buy the car instead of committing to the subscription plan, you will be able to do that," a post reads on the company's Instagram account. "You will have the option of buying the car as well."

With no mention of this in the press release or Polestar's official website, this raises the question of how much it will cost to buy a Polestar outright. When asked for clarification, Polestar's Duncan Forrester told Motor Authority the curvaceous coupe could cost between $150,000 and $175,000. "If a customer wanted to purchase the car outright, this is something we would assess nearer the time," he said. "If you wish to understand the cost of a Polestar 1, purely for competitor comparative reasons, the indicative target price would be in the region of 130-150,000 euros." Polestar COO John Goodman also told Jalopnik that "if someone wants to give us $100-X-thousand dollars, we'll find a way."


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