The Polestar 1's Online Configurator Is Extremely Basic For A Six-Figure Car

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There just aren't enough options.

Just a few days ago, Aston Martin announced the configurator for the all-new DBS Superleggera. As you'd expect from Aston Martin, the DBS offers endless amounts of customization, so owners can have a bespoke experience. We've been excited for the upcoming Polestar 1 from Volvo, a limited production sports coupe with 600 horsepower. The car is available for pre-order and can be purchased for $155,000. Even if you can't afford it, you can now go online and configure your perfect Polestar 1.

Unlike Aston Martin, Volvo hasn't gone crazy with the options of the Polestar 1. Perhaps in a bid to keep production costs in check on such a low volume model, the Polestar 1's configurator is actually quite basic. For starters, only six color options are available - Space, Snow, Midnight, Osmium, Osmium Matte, and Magnesium - and five of those are either white, black or silver. Wheels are offered in three colors: Diamond cut (silver), Glossy Black, and Matte Black. Buyers can also choose between Glossy Black and Chrome on the exterior trim. Inside, there will be just two color options: Charcoal with Zinc Seats (beige), and Charcoal (black).

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That's all there is to it - no additional options, no custom colors, just a simple configurator. If you'd like a Polestar 1, you can now place a deposit for $2,500 and production will begin next year.


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