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The Pontiac Firebird Wagon Is A Dream Made Real

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Only three were ever made, and now one is up for auction.

A true shooting brake is a rare occurrence. Sure, Mercedes tries to pass off the wagon variants of its CLA and CLS four-door coupes as "Shooting Brakes," but in reality they are just station wagons sporting curvaceous styling. By definition, a shooting brake is a sleek, two-door wagon, the only modern example being the exotic Ferrari GTC4Lusso.

This an automotive segment has largely failed to catch on, with only a handful of models having actually reached production.But this hasn't prevented automotive enthusiasts from dreaming up hypothetical shooting brakes.

While nowadays a Photoshop expert can alter and contort an image of virtually any coupe into a slinky shooting brake concoction, back in the 1980s, Pontiac designers had to actually build one.

In 1985, Pontiac constructed at least two Firebird Trans Am Kammbacks, and unlike the fantastical renderings of the present day, this fully-functional vehicle was initially destined for production as a dealer-installed option for only a few hundred dollars.

Additionally, this wasn't the first time Pontiac had experimented with the idea of a Firebird wagon—the fiberglass-paneled 1977 Type K show car had been snuffed out due to prohibitive costs.

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The white example of the Trans Am Kammback packed a 5.0 liter V8 under the hood, mated to an automatic transmission. The car allegedly served a brief stint as a pace vehicle for the IMSA series before being locked away in storage by Pontiac. It would later be extracted by a Michigan-based Pontiac dealer named John McMullen, who had the prototype restored.

McMullen sold the car at an auction in 2007 for $66,000, and it has since changed hands once more in 2017 for $44,000. The Kammback will now be back up on the chopping block with no estimate at Mecum's Kissimmee auction, which runs from January 3 to January 13.