The Pontiac Solstice As It Should Have Been

Every so often, an engine will come along which will prove so good for modifying that whole cults will form dedicated to the worship of these internal-combustion miracles. The Chevy small block was such an engine, and in recent years there has been a newcomer from Japan which has achieved such a status. That engine is Toyota's 2JZ twin-turbo inline-six, found most notably in the Supra. A new home was recently found for one 2JZ which we strongly approve of.

The Pontiac Solstice was always a good-looking, but ultimately underpowered, car. So the decision to shoehorn in a 2JZ made sense. In fact, it probably makes more sense than you would think. The transmission in the Solstice is closely related to the one from the Supra, and it actually bolts right up to the 2JZ. The engine mounts are also in the right place, so there is surprisingly little which needs t be done, considering the engine come from a completely different manufacturer. We're looking forward to seeing it on the street. Photos courtesy of phlow via vwvortex.

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