The Porsche 911 Can Thank Front-Engined Porsches For Saving Its Life

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Porsche wasn't always swimming in a stream of cash.

It began with the 924, a front-engined Porsche that was revealed back in 1976. It had VW origins and many 911 purists, predictably, didn't like it. Nor did they like the 944 much better. It came out a few years after the 924 and was a bit more powerful but appealed to a different type of buyer: the 80s yuppie. Along with the 928 and 968, these front-engined cars literally saved Porsche and, subsequently, the 911. There was a time when Porsche's finances weren't what they are today. The 911 didn't have a mass appeal so Porsche wanted to try something else.

Enter the 924. The 928, however, was initially intended to replace the 911 outright but that obviously never happened. Still though, these front-engined, water-cooled Porsches are still great track and GT cars with many loyal fans today. Check out this latest video from Carfection and see why these cars might become future collectibles.

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