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The Porsche 911 Could Have Best US Sales Ever Next Year

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There are two very good reasons why.

The only new rear-engined car in the world is still going strong and 2018 could end up being the Porsche 911's best sales year ever in the US. Automotive News learned from Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer that the 991.2, as it enters its last full model year, is as popular as ever. Why are next year's US sales predicted to be so great? Two answers: GT3 and GT2 RS. "911 is going to be very strong because we have two GT models that we're not delivering this year but next year," Zellmer said.

"The pent-up demand is enormous there – GT3, GT2 RS. We're going to see huge numbers next year." The GT3 is, as this very moment, just beginning to arrive in US dealerships, while the GT3 Touring and GT2 RS are due in early 2018. Let's also not forget a certain other non-GT model, the Carrera T. The stripped-down 911 variant with a purist focus is already experiencing strong orders and will be in dealerships in March. Through last month, 8,197 Porsche 911's were sold in the US alone, a 0.1 percent increase over last year. At this rate, Porsche isn't surprised to see that figure reach 9,000 units before 2017 comes to a close.

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If Porsche hopes 2018 to be a record sales year, then at least 10,442 911s will need to be sold. Why that exact figure? Because it's the number sold in 2013 for the 991 generation's inaugural year. The completely redesigned 911 is expected to go on sale in the second-half of 2019. But for now, there's a good chance the 991.2 will be going out with a bang.