The Porsche 911 Is Getting a Bigger Engine

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But things don't look too good for the naturally-aspirated engine.

Downsizing engines has been the trend in recent years, and Porsche has spent millions to do the same with great success, but that is all set to change when new emissions regulations come into effect across Europe in 2026. Porsche engineers are speculating that these changes will mean larger capacity engines in the Porsche 911.

Frank-Steffen Walliser, Porsche's head of sports cars says these new regulations will be one of the toughest changes car manufacturers will ever have faced. "In 2026, the next wave of regulations will come with EU7. This will be the worldwide toughest regulations considering emissions, especially in the spread between real driving emissions and what we see on the test benches," he said.

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These new regulations are most likely being brought into play to force more manufacturers into going electric. What worries us the most is that these regulations will determine maximum horsepower outputs according to displacement, which is exactly the opposite of what automakers have been doing for ages.

Reversing the tide in engine manufacturing will result in most companies shifting from four-cylinders to six, and from six to eight etc. Walliser is expecting a displacement jump of at least 20 percent. "The regulations are completely counterproductive to CO2 regulations, so this will go up," he added.

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So where does this leave manufacturers like Porsche? The most apparent result of the new regulations will be a massive amount of expenditure to fall back in line. The new rules will also result in engines that burn more gas and emit more toxic CO2, and power will also suffer as a result.

The new rules will possibly dash the dreams of Porsche's hopes to build a smaller and lighter 911 in years to come, as Walliser states: "If I had a wish, for sure I would make it smaller, but this is a wish."

Naturally-aspirated engines will also face a tough time, as the strict emissions regulations will make it harder for them to produce adequate power. "There will come a day, within the next 10 years, when we have to say 'now this is the last of its kind," Walliser concluded.

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