The Porsche 914-6 is Too Often Overlooked

That's what happens when you live in the shadow of the original 911.

When you think of Porsche, the first picture that comes to mind is usually the 911. An older generation of enthusiasts may even think of the 356. But it’s rare for someone to even think of the 914, let alone the 914-6. In many ways, the 914 is very much the ancestor to today’s Boxster because of its mid-engined setup. However, it wasn’t a good looking car. It simply didn’t have the grace and sexy curves of the original 911 or 356.

Porsche still built an awful lot of them: over 118,000 in fact, of which 3,332 were the 914-6. The difference? The 914-6 came powered by the 911’s engine instead of the typical four-cylinder. Jack Griffin has owned his 914-6 for 38 years, and likens it to a high-powered go kart.

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