The Porsche Boxster Has Gone Turbocharged, But Is It Any Better?

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Honestly, it's hard to top the previous one.

Porsche has ditched the flat-six in its Boxster. Wait. No, sorry. 718 Boxster. Gotta get used to that. Anyway, the heavily refreshed 718 Boxster is now powered by a flat-four turbo. How come? One word: efficiency. As our friends at Autocar pointed out, turbos today don't have the same meaning they did back in the 80s. Did Lotus build the Esprit Turbo to make it more efficient? Of course not, it was the high-performance version. Porsche didn't ditch the Boxster / Cayman's naturally aspirated flat-six just because.

So the question now is whether or not the turbocharged 718 Boxster S is better than its predecessor. How does it sound? How does it rev? How does it drive? Those questions are about to be answered.

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