The Porsche Macan Looks Like A Badass With The Hamann Treatment


This car is like Taylor Swift; you love it but won't admit it.

No, "Hamann Macan" are not the first words of a voodoo chant. It's tuning house Hamann's newest iteration of Porsche's smallest and cheapest SUV, the Macan. The Macan, originally intended for suburban shopping center parking lots, actually looks like a very sporty SUV. But the designers at Hamann did not agree. Aside from tuning the engine to deliver 310 horsepower and an ungodly 500 lb-ft of torque, the Macan gets a wide body kit tacked on as well as a new front fascia, grille, rear diffuser, rooftop and bootlid spoilers, and 22-inch wheels.

A custom stainless steel exhaust combined with a 0-60 mph time of 5.7 seconds ensures that the people you cut off in traffic can eat your dust in admiration. The Macan itself has technology from the Porsche 911, which probably lends to the fact that a Macan with the Hamann body kit looks a bit like a track-ready Volkswagen Beetle. The fully loaded Hamann Macan will cost buyers an additional $30,275 over the $52,000 base price of a Macan, but you cant really put a price on cool now can you?

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