The Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid Is Stunning Inside And Out

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The super fast hybrid Porsche looks as good in the metal as we hoped.

It was just the other day that Porsche released the first images and specifications of their latest onslaught into the hybrid car market. Those first images showed a Porsche Panamera that looked vastly superior to its predecessor, but seeing the car up close here at the 2016 Paris Motor Show reveals a genuinely enticing hybrid. Being at a show of this size and importance meant a fully-loaded Panamera 4E hybrid was on display complete with carbon fiber trimmings in select spots on the car.

It's properly spacious, one of these would make the world's coolest Uber car, which you'd probably only see used on Monaco's beach front around other supercars. Once your butt is in the seat and the doors are closed, you can easily mistake being in one of the other sportier Porsche models; it may be a hybrid but it's all performance inside. The center console is particularly alluring, a futuristic-looking area you'd expect in a concept car, not a production model. While the all white seats are beautifully finished, in a real world situation you'd probably burn your retinas on a sunny day and passengers younger than 15 are pretty much guaranteed to get dirt all over the place. It's still a win though.

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