The Porsche Panamera is the 4-Door 911 We've Always Wanted

It's something only Porsche could build.

Years before the Panamera was launched, Porsche had an interest in developing a four-door 911. The business side of things was explored but never really got very far because Porsche determined, at the time, a four-door 911 wouldn’t sell well; it'd simply be best sticking with two-door sports cars. But that was a long time ago, and when the Panamera finally came to market in 2009, it became an immediate hit.

Yes, it looked somewhat awkward when compared directly against more conventionally styled big luxury sedans, but the Panamera’s design is something only Porsche could get away with. Although it doesn’t have the same rear-engine setup as the 911, Porsche figured it’d be smart to simply stretch the 911’s iconic shape to accommodate an extra pair of doors. It was a risky thing to do, but it’s paid off handsomely. The Panamera has managed to bring thousands of new buyers to the brand while still being a pure Porsche in every way. It’s big, brash and unique. There’s nothing else quite like it.

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