The Porsche Taycan SUV Was Always Going To Happen

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How about we call it the Porsche Maycan?

Porsche already has a coupe-style SUV in the form of the Cayenne Coupe. With its brilliant driving dynamics and dashing style, it takes on the BMW X6 directly. But what about a coupe version of the smaller Porsche Macan to compete with the BMW X4? Perhaps it would be a tough sell considering that the Macan already has quite a sporty, curvaceous rear end, but KDesign AG has gone ahead and rendered a Macan Coupe EV anyway. Yes, an EV, which isn't a surprise since the Porsche Macan EV is currently undergoing testing.

KDesign AG/Behance KDesign AG/Behance

It's not difficult to see where the designer drew inspiration from, either, as the Macan Coupe EV shares its headlight design with another electrified Porsche, namely, the Porsche Taycan. Perhaps we should call it the Maycan, then? The render showcases a sporty, distinctive SUV that quite successfully blends together styling cues from the Macan and Taycan. Note the vertical front air vents that join up with the headlights, just like on the Taycan. Muscular front haunches give it a bold stance. At the back, there is more Taycan influence in the design of the full-width lighting bar, which is slimmer than the one on the regular Macan.

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Naturally, the standard Macan's exhaust outlets have been removed. It's a clean, well-resolved design and a surprisingly successful marriage between the Macan and Taycan. When it arrives, the actual Macan EV is expected to offer performance that's on par with the Macan Turbo. Remember, too, that within the Panamera lineup, the fastest version isn't the gas-only Turbo, but the Turbo S E-Hybrid. The Macan EV will ride on the new Premium Platform Electric architecture. Porsche's electrification plans could still potentially include the Boxster/Cayman lineup, but electrifying an all-out sports car relative to a crossover isn't a simple task, so it remains to be seen how this will play out.

2019-2021 Porsche Macan Front Angle View Porsche 2019-2021 Porsche Macan Rear Angle View Porsche Front-End View Porsche Aft View Porsche
2019-2021 Porsche Macan Front Angle View
2019-2021 Porsche Macan Rear Angle View
Front-End View
Aft View
Source Credits: KDesign AG/Behance

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