The Power of Cool: 1961 C1 Corvette Discovered

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Parked since 1968, this just might be the barn find of the year.

All of us imagine stumbling upon that long neglected diamond in the rough with a V-8 engine gathering dust in some guys' garage. Or, as happened in this case, a barn. While in no condition to drive off with, this recently discovered Corvette is a find of a lifetime. The current owner parked the car for the last time in 1968 and it has never been driven since. The C1 Corvette roadster, with just 93,423 miles on the clock, is going to need a lot of special attention however.

Professional restorers may very well end up fighting over the chance to completely rebuild a car that could be somewhere in the neighborhood of six-figures. In its current condition it is up for sale on eBay. The last time we checked the highest bid was $33,433 and the reserve had not been met.

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