The Q500 Enforcer Takes The Ford Mustang To A Whole New Level

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The range-topping model will be exclusive to the US.

Unless Ford decides to wow us with a new supercharged GT500 at the Detroit Auto Show, the GT350 and GT350 R are the ultimate Mustang models on the market right now. Unless you live in the UK that is. Ford has finally decided to sell the Mustang in right-hand drive, but the UK only receives the EcoBoost and GT models, not the hardcore Shelby models. Don't fret UK Mustang fans, because US-based aftermarket tuner Steeda has your back with its Q500 Enforcer, which will be available for the first time in the UK.

The Mustang Q500 Enforcer is based on the 5.0-liter V8 GT model, which raises the power up from 444 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque to 490 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque using customized engine mapping. Steeda has also added a new suspension setup with adjustable springs, thicker anti-roll bars, a strut brace and an enforced rear subframe. There will also be an optional coilover suspension with adjustable dampers and a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual transmission that can be ordered with custom gear ratios. Steeda will sell this upgrade through Ford dealers in the UK, so the car will keep the factory warranty.

In the UK, the Q500 Enforcer will cost 50,093 GBP which is 8,998 GBP more than the standard Mustang GT. Europe may like to keep its coolest models to itself, but in a bit of role reversal, the US will keep the coolest Steeda Mustangs to itself. The Q500 Enforcer model is available in the US for $13,995 more than a standard GT. The US will also get the Q350 Sport, a $6,995 package, that raises the EcoBoost engine's power up to 342 hp. The flagship model is the Q750 StreetFighter for $29,995, which adds a Whipple supercharger that raises power up to 825 hp. Sorry Europe, we've given you a taste but we're keeping the best for ourselves.

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