The Q60's Aggressive Design Is Just The Beginning For Infiniti


Infiniti's executive design director gives a look into the future.

Car and Driver loosened the lid on Infiniti’s radical new design direction in an interview with the company’s executive design director, AlfonsoAlbaisa. Until now all that observers could go on was the change in style evidenced by the new Q60 shown off in Detroit. In any case, other more exciting things are about to take place atInfiniti. “The creativity of usingorganic materials in new ways—including wood—this is untapped," Albaisa said. Translation: Infiniti designers could be using some interesting materials in new cars and concepts.

“You’ll see that traditional materials are going to be used in completely new ways," he told the outlet. Albaisa hinted at something being revealed in Beijing featuring natural materials such as wood. Infiniti is also placing emphasis on its supposed design rival, the Mercedes C-Class. That’s a fair fight to pick, as the Q60 seems to take the C-Class and make it just a bit meaner, especially at the back. Albaisa also mentioned, in terms of a design competitor, BMW’s M4. “Of course, we’re in an intense gloveless boxing match with the 4 Series." So, what could possibly tip the scales in the Japanese automaker's favor? Well, apparently Infiniti is "an artistic brand" according to the design director, so that has to count for something.

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The Q60 sits happily between luxury and performance with an aggressive, lion-like demeanor. It seems like with his design concepts Albaisa is on the right track in bringing Infiniti to the forefront of cutting edge design. Whether or not drivers see it that way is another story entirely.