The Ram TRX Has Been Spotted In The Wild!

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And it's on schedule to be released this year.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the first vehicle that comes to mind when one thinks of off-road sport trucks, but FCA wants to take the fight to this crowd favorite. More than that, Ram's TRX is aiming to absolutely annihilate the Raptor and make it look severely underpowered by cramming a Hellcat engine into the new FCA truck.

Thanks to an earnings presentation released this week, we discovered that the awesome new truck will arrive soon. Now a new video has surfaced that shows the TRX testing out in the wild, suggesting that everything is on track for its fourth-quarter debut.

We see a pickup completely obscured by a full-body cover, but next to it is a lightly battered Ram 1500 that we suspect is a mule for the new TRX. The video continues with the YouTuber getting shots of numerous other FCA vehicles in the same parking lot and more camouflaged vehicles. One of these is presumably also in the area for testing, as two technicians are seen discussing something on a laptop that rests on the hood of one of the mysterious vehicles. Unfortunately, the video is rather short and doesn't tell us much else, but it certainly builds our excitement for the new truck.

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There are lots of things to look forward to on the TRX, including some Easter eggs that will surely annoy Raptor owners, but is a power output of at least 707 horsepower a little too much? Is the Raptor's 450-horsepower powerplant hitting the sweet spot for a high-performance off-roader? Of course not. Other Hellcat-powered FCA products are easily driveable on the daily commute, and we have no doubt that the TRX will be no different. With just a couple of months left to go until we expect Ram to begin production on the TRX, the anticipation for a truck has never been higher. We can't wait.

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