The Range Rover Velar Was So Hot, Dealers Didn't Even Discount It


Luckily for buyers, Land Rover realized that this was a big mistake.

It didn't take us long to predict that the Range Rover Velar would be a smash hit for the Land Rover brand. The Velar sits above the Evoque and below the Range Rover Sport in the Range Rover line, and acts as a competitor for the Porsche Macan. Clearly the Velar was a success, but Land Rover dealerships may have overestimated the car's appeal. According to Autocar, Land Rover dealerships were a bit too confident about how well the Velar would sell, and decided not to offer any discounts on it.

Andy Goss, Land Rover's global sales operations director, has admitted that dealerships in the UK were "probably a bit complacent" in regards to Velar sales, following massive interest in the car following its initial reveal. In the UK, the Velar ranges from 44,380 GBP for entry-level versions, to 85,450 GBP for a higher end model. This translates to around $50,000 to over $100,000 in the US market. Goss said that he was surprised by the low ratio of test drives-to-orders. "We had a couple of things to learn if I'm honest - The moment the car was revealed, the inquiry lines were red hot and we were smashing our targets like never before, and I think that led us to believe that the car would sell itself." Goss said.

Since dealerships thought the Velar would essentially sell itself, they didn't bother to discount it. Eventually, the dealerships had to make a change to get sales going again. Goss says that "The adjustments we had to make were small: a tweak in the interest rates on finance and opening up the space for dealers to negotiate a bit, to give customers what they rightly want and expect - a good-value deal." After these changes were made, the Velar comfortably outsold the Macan. Around 20 percent of Velar buyers are upgrading from an Evoque, with very few downgrading from a Range Rover Sport. In the UK, customers can now haggle to get around £2,000 off a new Velar. It's not much, but this is a hot-selling car after all.

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