The Real Star Of Buick's New Super Bowl Commercial Is Miranda Kerr


Cam Newton and the Cascada convertible are also there.

This Sunday is the big game, the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots will be facing off against the Atlanta Falcons for the glory of victory. And of course, viewers will also get to see some of the funniest and best commercials of the year. Mercedes-AMG already debuted its new commercial, and now Buick has done the same. Called "Not So Pee Wee Football," it stars Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Australian super model Miranda Kerr. Oh, and the Buick Cascada and Encore also make an appearance.

The setting itself, as you can probably guess from the title, shows a pee wee football team with a couple of dads watching from the bleachers.

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A reference is made to a parking Buick and it goes from there. Considering only a few years ago Buick was still struggling with younger buyers, it’s impressive how far the brand has come. It’s not quite full-on luxury (that’s Cadillac), but it’s definitely premium. In any case, enjoy the game!