The Redesigned Chinese-Built Ford Focus Will Debut In April

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Wait?! Did you say "Chinese-built?"

A completely redesigned global Ford Focus will be revealed this April, not at the Geneva Motor Show next month, according to a new report from Automotive News. Why is Ford skipping the Swiss show for the unveiling of one of its most popular nameplates? Because it wants the new Focus to have the stage all for itself at a stand-alone event somewhere else in Europe. Fair enough. This event will also supposedly be a showcase for a few other new products as well.


Compared to the outgoing generation, Ford says its new Focus and variants thereof will have a more unique look, as opposed to the current model and also outgoing Fiesta featuring similar styling elements. Although Ford has decided to drop the Fiesta from the US market, the new Focus will become the Blue Oval's smallest non-crossover mainstream model. And yes, a new Focus ST will happen, but no word yet about another RS. In Europe, the Focus will be offered as a station wagon alongside the hatchback, whereas in the US it'll remain a sedan or hatchback only. Europe will also have an upscale Vignale version. Ford will continue building these Euro-spec cars in Germany, but the US a different story.

As we already reported, Ford is shifting production of the US market Focus from Michigan to China sometime in 2019. Doing so will reportedly help Ford save some $1 billion. Overall, the new Focus will be slightly larger and more upscale than it is currently, but it's still too early to know how it'll be priced. We imagine it won't differentiate too much. It will be interesting to see how Americans will react to a Chinese-built car from a mainstream automaker. Hey, it's not the first time an American-based automaker has outsourced production and it certainly won't be the last.

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