The Refreshed Model S Is Secretly Much Quicker Than Tesla Led On


Now it can beat a McLaren P1 in a drag race.

A few months ago when Tesla announced that it was going to give the Model S its first refresh, no one knew what to expect. As Drag Times has just found out, there is even more to the freshened-up car than Tesla initially let on. When the new version hit the road, the Model S had been out for four years, making its facelift expected by industry standards. However, given that Tesla is such a young automaker, the world was holding its breath to see just what direction the company was going to take.


What's more is that the Model S was a sedan that in many ways was already more advanced than most of the competition since its release. So an updated version was sure to paint an even vivider picture of the future from that frunk-housed crystal ball. Initially the refresh only included a new front end, the "bioweapon-safe" HEPA filter from the Model X, new trim and interior options, and a new powertrain organization scheme. The top-of-the-line P90D still had the same 90 kWh battery and four motors to enable all-wheel drive. In the pre-facelifted version it rocketed the sedan from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, fast enough to make plenty of supercars left the drag strip with tails tucked.

However, Drag Times' newest test of the facelifted Model S shows that it's actually faster than before. All it takes is 2.65 seconds for the new Model S to get to 60 mph from standstill using Ludicrous mode, making it quicker than the million dollar-plus McLaren P1. This discrepancy is enough to make some think that the aerodynamics on the new model are that much better (doubtful) or that it is hiding new 100 kWh batteries that have been rumored to be hitting the market soon. Given Elon Musk's propensity to put things like a James Bond Easter egg in his cars, we wouldn't be surprised if the battery rumor were true. Whatever the case, it's hard to argue with that level of performance at that price point.

Check out Drag Times' test procedure here and let's hope these batteries find a home in the Model 3.

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