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The Renault Symbioz Concept Is A Car You Can Literally Live In

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Renault sees the Symbioz not just as a concept car, but an extension for your house.

Renault has a history of revealing wacky concept cars at motor shows, and Frankfurt was no exception. After showing the stunning Trezor at last year's Paris Motor Show and the extreme Zoe E-Sport at Geneva earlier this year, Renault has lifted the wraps off its latest crazy concept car at Frankfurt following last week's intriguing teaser. Meet the Renault Symbioz Concept, a car that the French automaker sees as not just an autonomous, all-electric concept car, but an extension for your house.

The Symbioz represents Renault's vision of mobility beyond 2030 where cars will fully interact with connected homes, cities, other vehicles and road infrastructure. Renault describes the Symbioz as "an integrated house and car that work together in harmony." To demonstrate this, Renault built a mock-up of a modern home to display the Symbioz Concept at Frankfurt. Naturally, the concept car is powered by an all-electric powertrain with two electric motors on the rear axle producing a combined 500 kW (670 hp) 487lb ft of torque, and batteries housed beneath the floor. 0-62 mph takes less than six seconds, and Renault is claiming an electric range of 310 miles.

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Both the car and home would share energy on one power grid. For example, Renault says the Symbioz could be used to power lights, screens and home appliances during peak times or blackouts. "The way we use our cars is changing. Already a car is more than just a way to get from one place to another. Full of technology, it's becoming an interactive and personalized space that connects passengers to other cars, people and objects around them," said Renault VP, Thierry Bollore. Looking to 2030 we imagine new scenarios with more efficient energy use, connectivity and autonomous driving scenarios that will improve how we live and travel."

To serve as a home extension, a video shows how the Symbioz can drive itself in and out of a house and act as an additional living space. The homely cabin is inspired by the design of living rooms, with a retracting dashboard and relaxing seats that can spin around.

According to Renault, an electric, autonomous and connected demo car similar to the Symbioz will be available for testing later this year. It will embody the brand's mid-term vision before 2023, incorporating technologies planned for future production models including Multi-Sense, Easy Connect, and Easy Drive.