The Return Of The BMW 8 Series Could Kill Off The 6 Series Entirely


The good news is that it could also mean we get an M8!

Coupes may not be selling like they used to, but don't tell that to BMW. The automaker is preparing to relaunch the 8 Series, its biggest two-door ever made. Sources told the German version of Automotive News, Automobilwoche, that the project is currently underway and has an arrival date of 2018. The new model will be based on the 7 Series and is said to cost around €150,000 (about $163,000). This would make the revived 8 Series the most expensive BMW on the market, with the coupe eclipsing the i8's MSRP of $140,700.

In addition to the hardtop, Automobilwoche's sources said to expect a convertible version come 2019. In addition to those two models an M8 is being talked about, as is a version with a 12-cylinder engine under the hood. In the auto industry a new model being born doesn't always mean an old one must die. But unfortunately that seems to be the case here, with Automotive News reporting that the 6 Series coupe and convertible will not be replaced. The 6 Series Gran Coupe may live to see another generation, though. What makes this news even worse is that the next 5 Series GT may be re-branded as the, wait for it, 6 Series GT. Great, one of the ugliest cars in BMW's lineup dies off only to be instantly reborn. Everyone loses.

BMW is all about filling the gaps in its lineup. Currently the automaker doesn't offer anything to seriously compete with the gigantic Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. The 6 Series is more of a sports car than a luxury grand tourer, at least when compared to the two-door S-Class. BMW's only other offering that comes close is the Rolls-Royce Wraith, but no one would seriously cross shop the two. It'll be interesting to see how the 8 Series is greeted, should it be brought back to life. No one is really asking for it to be brought back. That being said we have a feeling BMW is less concerned about the car's reception and more worried about squeezing as much cash out of the 7 Series' platform as possible while stealing sales from Mercedes.

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